Parking at the University

The launch of our new parking system, Hozah, has been delayed. We will update this page when it is ready, and in the meantime, we will not charge for parking on campus. Thank you for your patience.

Visitor parking

At the University of Hertfordshire, we useHozah,which makes paying for parking quick, easy, and convenient.

The first two hours of your stay on campus are free, and you will only be charged £2 for each day that you are on campus. If you only plan on parking at the University for under two hours, you do not need to register with Hozah.

Following the initial free two-hour period, there is a no-return period of three hours. If you return before the three hour no-return period is up, you will need to pay for parking. If you return after more than three hours, you are eligible for another free two hours.

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you will only be charged £1, but you will need to upload a copy of your badge to the Hozah website. You only need to register your car and payment details once on the Hozah website.

To park on campus, you will need to:

  • Complete a one-timesign up on the Hozah websitewith your number plate and payment details – this can be done at any time including before or during your visit, and must be completed by 23.59 on the day you first park on campus. You do not need to register again if you already have a Hozah account.
  • Park on campus and you'll be charged automatically after staying for over two hours – no need to pay on site.
  • Keep track of your payments on the Hozah website dashboard.

您只需要在周一至周五,7点至19点之间支付停车费。If you have any questions or queries, pleasecontact our Parking team.

You can park in any of our visitor car parks.视图停车地图。

Park and Ride

Park and Ride停车场(位于安格兰)在周一至周五的07.00 - 22.00向所有工作人员、学生和游客免费开放。该停车场的邮编为AL10 8HS,位于南行(A1001) A1(M)路口2号旁。

During term time, there is a regular shuttle bus service that runs every 10 minutes from the car park to College Lane campus. You’ll need to purchase a ticket to ride the shuttle bus which costs £1 for one ticket. You can purchase a ticket by using cash or card.

Outside of term time, the shuttle bus service does not run, however you can still park in the car park for free and walk to campus.点击查看我们的TikTok,查看行走路线。

Event parking


Student parking

Parking is extremely limited on campus. For information on where students can park and the application process to register a car if you’re staying in campus accommodation,check out Ask Herts.

Staff parking

Full details regarding staff parking, including how to register and permit charges, can be found onHertsHub.

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